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The Best Freind of us-----Glassware

发布日期:2017-06-07  浏览次数:3238
Glass should be preferred glass. Don't think the glass just appear good-looking, in all material in the glass, the glass is the most healthy.
The glass in the process of firing containing no organic chemicals, with a glass of water or other liquids, do not have to worry about chemicals will be drink into the belly. Glass surface is smooth, easy cleaning, bacteria and dirt is not easy in the glass, so people use a glass of water is the most healthy and safe. In addition, the glass is processed on the emission of lining is made after high temperature, contains no lead and other harmful substances, can be at ease use.
Colorful ceramic cup is very attractive, but in fact hiding in the bright paint that huge hidden trouble, especially the walls painted with glaze glass. When the cup is filled into the boiled water or acid, high alkaline beverage, and toxic heavy metal elements such as lead in the paint is easy to dissolve in the liquid, people drink into the chemical liquid, will cause harm to the body.
Plastic often add plasticizer, plastic cup of hot water or hot water, toxic chemicals released into the water easily, and plastic internal microscopic structure there are a lot of pore, which hides dirt, cleaning bacteria without a net.
Relatively large in glass family and those of team, is what merchants propaganda "magnetization cup", "energy cup". Not all of the magnetized water is beneficial to human body health. Only negative magnetized water can improve human physiological function, have the effect of health care, and through the anode processing water but not to drink more.