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Glass bottle printing is the main manifestation of glass bottle manufacturers

发布日期:2017-06-07  浏览次数:3323
Times are developing, and science and technology are progressing, of course. A lot of things with the trend of the times change, the glass bottle is no exception, mainly is the printing glass bottles of glass manufacturers to keep up with the trend, today we take a look at the unique characteristics of the glass printing.
Use the printing glass bottles pattern glass glaze and glass have been integrated, but the inherent characteristics of glass also determines the frequency of its use is limited to seven times, the repeated use of excessive adverse consequences. The decal glass bottle can only be used once, the pattern is incomplete, but also because of its decals after the high temperature curing inherent acid and erosion resistance characteristics of the decision. The beer and beverage production enterprises in the same industry-leading has already begun printing glass bottles, or one-time lightweight glass bottles as the product of choice for packaging, new wine in new bottles compared with new wine in old bottles, although a certain increase in the cost of production, but be of great advantage for product quality improvement.
The development of science and technology is changing with each passing day. The changes in consumption trends keep pace with the times, and the manufacturing industry is also following up. A national standard or industry standard, which has been used for seven or eight years, should also be improved and modified in order to retain the parts that fit in with the development trend and to increase the necessary content. Excessive demands and excessive increase of the technical indicators unhelpful manufacturing costs, resulting in a waste of resources, should also be listed in the revised, a pressing matter of the moment is to make industry standard GB or more authoritative, representative, suitability.